Where you like eat?


American (65)
Japanese (52)
Bakery (4)
Korean (26)
Cafe (2)
Local Contemporary (14)
Cajun (2)
Local Food (60)
Chinese (46)
Malaysian (2)
Fast Food (1)
Mexican (8)
Filipino (2)
Other (14)
French (3)
Puerto Rican (1)
Hawaiian (5)
Thai (20)
Indian (3)
Unknown (10)
Italian (14)
Vietnamese (12)
Korean Restaurants
Chodang Restaurant

Korean food at reasonable prices.
Choi's Family Restaurant

Choi's has been on King Street for a long time serving good Korean food at good prices.
Choi's Garden

Dae Chun Restaurant

A new Korean restaurant filling the space that Yuchun Restaurant emptied by moving to Kapiolani Blvd.
Dong Yang Inn

A good place to go in Wahiawa for Korean food.
Ducky's Korean BBQ & Yakiniku

Authentic Korean food in Manoa makes this a popular place to check out.
Frog House Restaurant

Korean restaurant specializing in simmered and grilled fishes as well as various meat stews and soups served in large earthen pots that's large enough to feed four people.
Hyung Je Joomooluck

A small Korean restaurant that's great for Yakiniku style eating that also serves some distinct dishes like Raw Oysters with Vegetables.
Jagalchi Korean Restaurant

Jang Su Jang

Traditional Korean food.
Jin Joo Korean Restaurant

A favorite place to go in Waimalu for Korean food.
Kim Chee Restaurant

Korean food locals are used to can be found here...and there...and over there.
Mama Woo's BBQ

Our goal is to provide tasty & authentic Korean food at affordable prices, just like your mama would make...if your mama was Korean...and knew how to cook.
Migawon Korean Restaurant

When you cook here, you cook over real charcoal.
Million Restaurant

A quaint open-all-hours-hole-in-the-wall Korean restaurant that doesn't skimp on taste or quantity and can stand toe-to-toe with other late night jaggernauts like Sarabol.
Mr. Mandoo

Mandoo takes on a different personality at Mr. Mandoo.
Ohana BBQ

Nice warm and friendly place to go and eat.
Richo Korean Cuisine

The Korean food which is good for your health.
Seoul Garden Yakiniku

Great place to go for traditional Korean cuisine.
Shillawon Korean Restaurant

A Korean restaurant specializing in Korean Yakiniku in a more upscale surrounding than the standard hole in the wall.
Song's Korean BBQ Restaurant

Great Korean food at a restaurant in Waipahu.
Soon's Kal Bi Drive In

A long time established Korean drive in located in Salt Lake.
Sorabol Korean Restaurant

Korean food available 24-hours a day in Honolulu.
Waipahu Cafe

Home of the fried rice omelet.
Yakiniku Seoul

Good Korean food for lunch or dinner.
Yuchun Korean Restaurant

Best place on the island to eat Korean Naeng-myun (chilled black noodles made with Kuzu root).