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Bulgogi from Frog House makes a good leftover dinner.
Posted by HAKEN
Monday, July 07, 2008 10:54 PM

The leftover bulgogi from our lunch at Frog House Restaurant was put to good use in a bowl of noodle for dinner.

A package of Korean noodle that's for the purpose of making soup based noodle dishes like Hot Kook Soo or Mandu Kook Soo. There's also a thinner somen noodle like version for making Bi Bim Kook Soo and a thicker flatter variety that's meant for dishes like black bean noodles (jiacheungmyun).

I also had some Choi Sum in the fridge, might as well put those in as well.

Boil the noodles as instructed. Unlike Chinese noodles, Korean noodles need to be cooked a bit longer like Italian pasta.

When cooked, the noodles are drained and then rinsed with cold water to wash off the starch and to make the noodles chewy. This is really important. If you don't do this, the noodles will become slimy, mushy, and horrendous to eat.

Next we make the broth. Since this is a quick meal, I just use daishi. I like to use daishi that have no MSG in them that's made with either bonito or clam. If this was for a serious meal, you should really use dried bonito flakes or anchovy to make the broth.

Dump in the bulgogi from lunch along with a raw egg.

When the egg is poached, we pour everything into a bowl with the noodles.

Add a bit of sesame oil, green peppers, green onion, and a spoon of hot bean paste and we're all done. Ready to eat!


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Again ADORABLE! I love your neighborhood. I'm sure you love being part of close knit couminmty like that. It's so family friendly. We moved back to our smalltown hometown LeClaire & I love being able to go to all the great festivals & events. We're helping with Witches Walk in our town this weekend. It's super fun to be involved even if we don't have kiddos of our own yet. So, go on your lil ones hay rack & enjoy! Seems like things are fitting nicely in your new home. Is it starting to feel like home yet? Or is it still surreal?

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